Cancer Survivorship

The Mass General Cancer Center Survivorship Program’s goal is to promote the health and wellbeing of patients with cancer following completion of initial therapy.
People at a walk for breast cancer survivors.
People at a walk for breast cancer survivors.

What is Survivorship?

Survivorship literally means the act of surviving. Cancer survivorship could be defined as surviving after cancer. However, the field of cancer survivorship grew from a recognition that there is more to life after cancer than just surviving.

Programs & Events


We are focused on research that can improve the lives of patients at Mass General and around the world following the diagnosis of cancer. We are launching new initiatives related to bridging the gaps between primary care and the oncology team and lifestyle interventions that can help patients become healthier in the years after treatment than they were in the years before the cancer was even diagnosed.

Everyday Amazing Race

Team SurvivorCares

Congrats to Team SurvivorCares, est 2020, for completing their 5Ks for our Everyday Amazing Race!

Thank you for everyone's support and hard work, and we look forward to seeing you next year!


Cancer Survivorship

To help address the transition from active cancer care to follow-up, or survivorship care, and to help patients recover and thrive after cancer, the Mass General Cancer Center Survivorship Program provides information on common problems you may face after cancer treatment and the resources to help you and your care team.