The Mass General Cancer Center has one of the largest and most experienced centers in New England for the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumor cancers (GIST). Our team's multidisciplinary approach to evaluation, management, and treatment provides each patient with individually-tailored care.

Medical Oncology

Edwin Choy, MD, PhD

Director, Sarcoma Oncology Program
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School



Gregory M. Cote, MD, PhD

Investigator, Henri and Belinda Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies
Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School



Dimitrios Spentzos

Dimitrios Spentzos, MD

Director, Sarcoma Oncology Computational Biology Laboratory
Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School



Judianne U. Henderson, NP




Christina Kim

Christina Kim, NP




Radiation Oncology

Yen-Lin Evelyn Chen, MD




Surgical Oncology

Sonia Cohen, MD, PhD




John T. Mullen, MD





Ronald Arellano, MD




Dania Daye, MD, PhD




Shams Iqbal, MD, MBBS




Sanjeeva Kalva, MD, MBBS




Patrick Sutphin, MD, PhD




Raul Uppot, MD




Omar Zurkiya, MD, PhD