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Aspire is Expanding!

In response to demand from participants and the business community, we are formally expanding the services offered through our newly branded, Aspire Works program.

In addition to our internship program, where we provide highly matched interns with employers that will help them meet their goals, we will also be offering:

  • Ongoing career counseling
  • Neurodiversity trainings for employers
  • Worksite consultation and evaluation
  • Networking events for our employers and alumni community

See how our personalized touch will help you to use your strengths to make the most of your opportunities!

It Takes Two!

Our internship program carefully matches an intern ready for their next career step with a prepared and dedicated employer. Which one are you? 

Participant Programs

Aspire Works is more than an internship placement.  It offers a suite of career needs!

Internship Program

Get support in achieving your career goals!
Whatever your needs, sometimes getting a foot in the door for the next step can be a challenge. Our internship program carefully matches you and your needs with trained employers who are working to develop their talent. We support employers in understanding how to work with you, while helping you solidify the skills that will make you the best fit for them. Find a placement that will help you gain experience that will match your skill set.

Career Counseling

An Individual Approach
Whether you are looking to sustain progress you've already made or embarking on a career transition, get the support and feedback that you need from one of our expert career counselors. We know the specific sets of challenges individuals with social profiles like autism spectrum disorder can have. We can help you translate your needs into something your employer will understand, and help you figure out the steps to take to achieve your potential!

Alumni Network

Stay in touch with your community
Aspire participants who understand the value of employees like you. Talk one-on-one or in small group with employers who are looking to hire, or just stay in touch with some of your friends from the internship seminar. Provide and receive support and learn about new opportunities.

Employer Services

Trainings Consultation

A diverse workforce is a productive workforce
Learn more about how you can get more out of your workers through understanding the principles of neurodiversity. Our individualized approach will help at exactly the level you need.

  • Work with us to pilot a new neurodiversity recruitment program
  • Make sure your existing programs are well-utilized
  • Build your culture through workshops or HR trainings
  • Get the right people hired with our recruitment support
  • Support an individual worker or manager with one-to-one coaching

Internship Program

Become an employer partner
Receive invaluable consultation, training and feedback on how you can support your neurodiverse employees through hosting an intern.  These short term job placements (10-12 weeks) give you the opportunity to work with an intern who is carefully matched to meet your job requirements.  Furthermore, you and the intern will both be receiving a foundational training and ongoing support from an Aspire Works career counselor throughout the placement to ensure that it is a success.

Our Approach

The Aspire Fit

We know that in order for job experiences to succeed, it has to take you into account.

At Aspire, when we evaluate internship placements, we take into account:

  • Education requirements
  • Experience requirements
  • Career path
  • Cognitive strengths
  • Social competency
  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Supervisor's strengths
  • Supervisor's managerial style
  • Sensory needs
  • Environmental factors
  • Transportation

When we consult and provide trainings, we help organizations to do the same.  Because we think of the whole person involved, you have the best chance for a successful experience! 

Individual Attention

We continue to support your success with 1:1 conversations with a career counselor who knows what you need.  Our career counselors help you to close the feedback loop between employers and employees or employers and interns.  Our employers learn what their workers need during a foundational training upfront and workers receive feedback on their job performance in a way that is productive, detailed and future-oriented.


Employers that we work with learn about opportunities to enhance their culture—they learn how to best make the jobs they offer work with neurodiverse individuals.

Participants that we work with get regular, detailed feedback on their communications strategies, professionalism and proactive approach.  We give our participants the information that they need to take the next step toward success.

The 3 Ss

We help our participants to build skills based on the 3 S model. The three "S" are the skills of Social Competency, Stress, Management, and Self Awareness. These skills help workers make continual progress because they build on each other and can be used at any stage in a person's career to find opportunities for improvement.