As an organization dedicated to serving individuals with autism, Aspire is steadfast in promoting neurodiversity and inclusion across settings. Our corporate consultation service provides trainings and workshops designed to teach companies how to work more effectively and successfully with neurodiverse employees. Our expertise includes creation and implementation of neurodiverse workforce development programs, building an inclusive and neurodiverse workplace culture, and neurodiverse recruitment and hiring practices. Our corporate audiences range from independently owned businesses and non-profits to Fortune 500 companies. 

Aspire consultants collaborate with organizational leadership to identify current strengths and areas of need in the inclusion of neurodiverse individuals as interns, employees, clients, and community members. We offer customized services to help your organization define and make progress towards inclusion of neurodiversity in your unique workplace.


Neurodiversity Trainings

Our workshops and trainings focus on expanding talent pipelines and creating more inclusive, equitable and diverse organizational cultures. Workshop content is based on the most current literature, trends and a deep commitment to first-person and self-advocate lived experiences.  

Business Goals:

  • Develop inclusive hiring practices for neurodiverse candidates.
  • Learn to effectively manage neurodiverse employees.
  • Maximize the talent of neurodiverse employees.
  • Create an inclusive work environment for neurodiverse employees.

Workshops and Trainings:

  • Introduction to Neurodiversity
  • Recruiting Neurodiverse Talent
  • Inclusive Hiring Practices
  • Interview Guide Build and Use
  • Skills-Based Interview Practices: Building the Best Workforce
  • Management Must-Knows for Supporting Neurodiverse Employees
  • Executive Functioning Supports; Executive Functioning Expanded 102, 103, 104
  • Supporting Social Competency in the Workplace
  • Supporting Stress and Anxiety Management in the Workplace
  • Considerations for Sensory Inclusion
  • Structuring Feedback in Neurodiverse Supervisory Relationships
  • Disclosure Discussions
  • Effective Communication Tools for Neurodiverse Teams

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Consultation Services

Aspire’s expert consultants will get to know your organization, understand your business needs, and support you in becoming a more inclusive workplace. We will design a personalized roadmap with specific recommendations and prioritized next steps and provide the trainings and feedback to follow-through on those goals.

Areas of Consultation:

  • Recruiting Neurodiverse Talent
  • Hiring and On-Boarding
  • Skills-Based Interview Design
  • Candidate Interview Preparation, Observation, and Feedback
  • Culture and Management Practices
  • General Program Consultation and Next Steps:
    • Organization leaders and managers work one-on-one with Aspire consultants to troubleshoot concerns or frame feedback to support a culture of ongoing improvement and results.
    • Employees work with Aspire consultants to develop awareness, advocate for small adjustments, and gain competence in managing social interactions.

Performance Coaching

Aspire consultants meet with neurodiverse employees to help them identify and implement strategies to enhance performance in the workplace. An employee’s neurodiversity can be a tremendous asset to an organization with the right feedback and support to tap into that strength. Aspire works directly with employees and their managers to successfully implement productive and sustainable strategies.

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