Join our team as we work with trained therapy horses in the great outdoors. An experience like no other made possible through our partnership with Solera Holdings.
A horse, rider, and guide walk in a paddock, with stunning mountains in the near distance

The Aspiration Summit is a special multi-day program sponsored by Solera Holdings, Inc. (Solera) and the Jackson Hole Therapeutic Riding Association (JHTRA). The Summit gives attendees the opportunity to push their own limits within a caring, therapeutic environment.  Attendees learn how to ride and care for their own horse (including grooming and training) with the encouragement from JHTRA staff who walk alongside the horses. Spend the day in the beautiful mountains of Jackson Hole, participating in a variety of activities that help people discover strength and flexibility that they didn't know that they had.  The program is available to past and present Internship participants at no cost.

I would love to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to grow as a person and learn more about myself, just to continue my growth that I am learning about myself and what I want to do and what I want to achieve in the world; and I feel like this provided me a good foundation and a good environment to learn about myself.

Former Aspiration Summit Participant