A diverse workforce is a productive workforce.  We offer customized trainings and consultation to make the most of your talent.

What Is Neurodiversity?

"Neurodiversity" means valuing the differences in how people think and work. A diagnosis of ADHD, autism/Asperger’s syndrome or a learning disability may indicate a different set of strengths than someone considered "neurotypical." What makes them different is the secret to your success.

Why Support Neurodiversity?

Since 10% of adults are either on the autism spectrum or have Asperger’s, ADHD or a learning disability, your workforce is already neurodiverse. If you aren’t intentionally developing that talent, you may be leaving gains on the table. Autistic workers at one Fortune 100 company were 50% more productive after a three- to six-month program than an average worker was after three years on the job. Another firm found that autistic workers identified process improvements that cut the time for technical training, automated processes and led educational initiatives in the time saved.

Ensure that the best candidates aren’t filtered out before hiring due to outdated one-size-fits-all recruitment practices. Give your team the feedback and support they need to make the most of each others’ strengths 

How Can MGH Aspire Works Help?

MGH Aspire has been helping autistic individuals and those with related social profiles achieve productivity for over 20 years. We have identified the tools and strategies that allow neurodiverse individuals to flourish.


  • Create a culture so all workers collaborate and do their best work
  • Adjust hiring and recruitment practices so that you find the best person for the job
  • Address the communication preferences, sensory preferences and mentoring needs of your workforce
  • Give the most effective feedback and performance evaluations for your team


  • Supervisors work one-on-one with experts to troubleshoot concerns or frame feedback to support a culture of ongoing improvement and results
  • Employees work with coaches to develop awareness, advocate for small adjustments and gain competence in managing social interactions

All services can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

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