3D imaging produces studies that are faster and easier to read, supporting communication between radiologists, referring physicians and patients.

Faster and Easier to Read

CT, MR and US exams produce hundreds of images for review in a single study.

3D imaging extracts data from these exams to create precise anatomical visualizations with added benefits for radiologists, referring physicians and patients and reduced costs for the healthcare system.

Benefits to Physicians

By producing a concise visual summary from cross-sectional exams, 3D imaging can:

  • Create studies that are faster and easier to read
  • Facilitate diagnoses, treatment and surgical planning
  • Increase clinical productivity

Benefits to Patients

With no added demand on a patient's time during an exam, 3D imaging can:

  • Improve diagnostic confidence
  • Replace more invasive and expensive diagnostic procedures, reducing risk of complications
  • Minimize exploratory surgery
  • Facilitate non-invasive surgical planning
  • Reduce operating time
  • Minimize damage to healthy tissue by targeting the treatment area
  • Serve as a easy-to-read visuals for patient education and communication