Medical Physics and Radiation Safety Workshop

November 18-20, 2018, Kuwait
The Kuwait Cancer Center organized the Medical Physics and Radiation Safety Workshop in November 2018. Dr. Rehani was invited to give three lectures: 1) Radiation induced cataract: fear or genuine risk; 2) Radiation protection challenges in future; and 3) How good are diagnostic reference levels (DRLs). He also talked about the International Day of Medical Physics (IDMP) as president of the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP). IOMP established IDMP which is celebrated on November 7 each year all around the world.

Dr. Rehani is also a consultant in a project on radiation-induced cataracts among interventionalists and support staff. He met with interventional cardiologists, interventional radiologists and a number of other specialists who use fluoroscopy in operation theatres and disseminated information of radiation protection.