Our Image Service Center can provide images and reports for imaging exams at Mass General.

The Image Service Center sends digital images by CD or DVD to your referring provider. You can use these instructions to ask for a copy of your images and the radiologist's report. If you only want a copy of the radiologist's report, you can contact Mass General Medical Records at 617-726-2361.

All requests need signed release forms: the Authorization for Release of Medical Images and the Authorization for Release of Protected or Privileged Health Information (PHI).

Ordering Your Images

You can ask for your images online or in person at our office in Boston. We will give you a CD with both your images and the radiologist's report.

In Person

  1. Visit our office in Room 0029 of the Blake Subbasement in the Blake Building on Mass General's main campus in Boston
  2. Fill out and sign the release form.


    1. Submit the online order form for patients. You can request to pick up your images in person or have them mailed to you. (Use this form for internal requests only.)
    2. Print a copy or make note of the reference number on you order.
    3. Expect a call from our staff when your images are ready for pick up.

Submit Form

Getting Your Images

You, a family member or friend can pick up your images in person at our office in Boston. Or you can get them by mail. Here's what you need.

In Person

  • Photo ID
  • The signed release form


  • Photo ID
  • Written permission from the patient to pick up images
  • The signed release form
  • Name of images being picked up such as MRI, CT or mammogram

By Email

  • You send a signed note with your information including your name, date of birth, mailing address and scan it to the Image Service Center via email. Please email this information to imagetransrequests@partners.org.

By Mail

  • The signed release form mailed, overnighted, faxed or emailed to the Image Service Center. If you choose to have the images overnighted, we will ask for credit card information over the phone.