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About NMMI

We are involved in both scientific and translational research around precision imaging, biomarker, and probe development. Our researchers have led multiple novel imaging and therapy approaches and are intimately integrated in the extensive research programs throughout MGH and within the Department of Radiology, including at the MGH Center for Precision Imaging, MGH/Martinos Center, i3 Center, and Center for Systems Biology. Technology available to our researchers include state-of-the-art PET imaging, SPECT, radiosynthesis capabilities for novel imaging and therapeutic compounds, and advanced image reconstruction and analysis using conventional and artificial intelligence approaches. We have access to cutting-edge basic science laboratories for novel radiotracer development. Division faculty and trainees are integrally involved in research in collaboration with colleagues in other Radiology divisions and other departments at MGB. Much of our research, especially clinical trials, occurs in collaboration with the MGH Cancer Center, MGH Neurology and MGH Cardiology.


Physician Leadership

Umar Mahmood, MD, PhD; Division Chief of MGH NMMI

Pedram Heidari, MD; Service Chief

Ted Palmer, MD; Fellowship Director

Shahein Tajmir, MD; Director of Nuclear Medicine IT

Shadi Esfahani, MD; Director of Nuclear Medicine Clinical Trials

Aileen O’Shea, MD; Director of Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

James A. Scott, MD; Co-Director of Nuclear Cardiology

Samantha Harrington; MD MSc, Associate Program Director of Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Thomas Ng, MD, PhD; Associate Director of Radiopharmaceutical Therapy

David Chow, MD; Director of Nuclear Medicine Quality Assurance

Technical Leadership

Giuliana Arcovio, MBA, CNMT, RT(N); Director of Clinical Operations, MI/BI/US/HealthCenters

Courtney Tronca, MHA, CNMT, RT(N)(CT); Operations Manager of Molecular Imaging

Pamela Silva, BS, CNMT, RT(CT); QA Manager

Kayla Seaman, BS, CNMT, RT(N)(CT); Technical Manager of Nuclear Medicine

Joe Tocchio, MHA, CNMT, RT(N)(CT); Technical Manager of Nuclear Cardiology

Peter Rice, RPh; Senior Operations Manager for PET Production and Cyclotron

Tara Medich, MS; Director of Radiation Safety