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A listing of the basic, clinical, and translational research labs within the Mass General Department of Medicine. Narrow your search for a specific lab or research program by using the search box and/or filters.
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    Allegretti Lab: Andrew Allegretti, MD, MSc

    Our lab at Massachusetts General Hospital studies study hepatorenal syndrome in order to understand how advanced liver disease (cirrhosis) affects kidney function.

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    Arnaout Laboratory: M. Amin Arnaout

    The M. Amin Arnaout laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital researches the molecular basis of human disease to guide development of new and safer therapies, using genetics, genomics, biochemistry, cell biology, structural and computational biology and animal models.

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    Babitt Laboratory: Jodie L. Babitt , MD

    The Jodie L. Babitt Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital is focused on elucidating the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in iron homeostasis

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    Bastepe Laboratory

    The Bastepe Lab strives to improve clinical management of endocrine and musculoskeletal disorders through fundamental research that involves genetics and molecular and cell biology.

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    Bloch Laboratory: Donald Bloch, MD

    The Bloch Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates the role of the bone morphogenetic protein signal transduction pathway in a broad spectrum of human diseases.

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    Bromley Laboratory: Shannon Bromley, PhD

    The Bromley Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital investigates lymphocyte migration, with an emphasis on the mechanisms that regulate the accumulation of T cells within normal and inflamed non-lymphoid tissues.

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    Brown Laboratory: Dennis Brown, PhD

    The Brown Lab at Massachusetts General Hospital researches mechanisms and signals that regulate the distribution of important proteins in the kidney, controlling urine concentration and systemic acid base balance.

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