The Mongan Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital is comprised of seven centers focused on strengthening research in the areas of epidemiology, health care delivery, health disparities, health policy and economics, patient outcomes, and population and community health. Each center is an established leader in their field of research and is committed to the promotion of innovative science and training the next generation of leaders in population and health care science. Additionally, the Mongan Institute seeks to connect and support individual researchers working in these areas from across the Department of Medicine.

  • Cancer Outcomes Research Program

    The Cancer Outcomes Research Program (CORe) conducts innovative research and educational programs to improve the experience and outcomes of patients and caregivers across the continuum of cancer care.

  • Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit

    The Clinical and Translational Epidemiology Unit (CTEU) advances the translation of discoveries into effective clinical interventions in chronic disease through epidemiologic investigation.

  • Disparities Research Unit

    The Disparities Research Unit is dedicated to the exploration of imbalances in health care treatment, generating innovative health services research that impacts policy, practice, and service delivery for multicultural populations.

  • Disparities Solutions Center

    The Disparities Solutions Center is dedicated to the development and implementation of strategies that advance policy and practice to improve quality, eliminate racial and ethnic disparities, and achieve equity in health care in a time of rapid transformation.

  • Global Health Research Center

    The Global Health Research Center works to improve health globally through innovative, interdisciplinary clinical and translational research and partnerships in international settings that influence health systems and policy.

  • Medical Practice Evaluation Center

    The Medical Practice Evaluation Center (MPEC) works to improve clinical outcomes, increase value in health policy, and inform global public health through innovative research, collaboration and education.

  • Health Policy Research Center

    The Health Policy Research Center aims to catalyze beneficial changes in health policy, the health and care of disadvantaged populations, and the health care delivery system.