At the Healey Center, we are working hard to develop effective treatments for ALS and to provide people with ALS with access to potentially beneficial therapies.

In addition to clinical trials, this commitment includes providing access to investigational therapies for treatment through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated Expanded Access Programs (EAPs). Drugs available through EAPs are potential therapies that hold promise but have yet been proven to show benefit. EAP programs allow access to treatments for people who might not be eligible for clinical trials for a variety of reasons. Information gathered through patient participation in these studies can also provide important information to help bring treatments to market for everyone.

We built a dedicated team of Healey Center staff to rapidly implement EAPs for people with ALS at Mass General. This allows us to work efficiently with drug companies and regulatory agencies to provide people with ALS access to clinical trial drugs even when they don’t qualify for a formal trial. We are already working with several companies and are in discussions with more. Each EAP may enroll only a limited number of participants, and our goal is to expand to numerous EAP programs to best meet the needs of people with ALS.

We plan to expand on our successful Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) program and launch it across our nationwide network of clinical researchers to reach more patients, identify the best therapies and link these to our HEALEY ALS Platform Trial. To do this, we are writing grant applications and raising philanthropic support so we can provide several EAPs each year.

Your support makes this work possible.

Thank you for partnering with us to accelerate the drive to the cure for ALS.