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Prior Newsletter Issues

  • Spring 2024: ALS Awareness Month, Accomplishments in Research, Patient Voices 
  • Winter 2024: Latest in ALS Research, Accelerating ALS Drug Development, Clinical Research Updates
  • Fall 2023: HEALEY ALS Platform Trial Overview, EAP Overview, Looking ahead to 2024
  • Summer 2023: HEALEY ALS Platform Trial Updates, EAP Updates, Reducing time to Diagnosis, Data Sharing in ALS Research, ALS Young Investigators, and Community Events
  • Spring 2023: ALS Awareness Month, HEALEY ALS Platform Trial Updates, EAP Updates, News from the Bench, Prizes & Awards, Community Affairs. 
  • Winter 2023: Publication from the lab of Dr. Clotilde Lagier-Tourenne, HEALEY ALS Platform Trial Updates, EAP Updates, News from the Bench, Prizes & Awards, Community Affairs. 
  • Fall, 2022: Dr. Cudkowicz Celebrates 10 Years as Neurology Chief, Platform Trial Results, EAP Updates, 2022 Gupta Family Prize, Community Affairs 
  • Summer, 2022: AMX0035 Approval, Young Investigator Awards, 2022 ALS Scholars in Therapeutics, Welcoming Dr. Mark Garret, and community events including the Pete Frates 5k 
  • Spring, 2022: ALS Awareness Month, updates from the Sadri-Vakili lab and community events including Lou Gehrig Day
  • Winter, 2022: Research on muscle function repair, PREVENT ALS, upcoming FDA review for AMX0035 and innovation awards
  • Fall, 2021: The Gupta Family Prize in ALS Care, industry engagement for the HEALEY ALS Platform Trial, ALS Your Day and the Expanded Access Protocol Program
  • Summer, 2021: Congressional testimony, awards for young investigators and new members of the care team
  • Weekly ALS Awareness Month, 2021: New efforts to stop ALS in its tracks with the PREVENT ALS study
  • Weekly ALS Awareness Month, 2021: The Healey Center ALS House Calls program, an ALS nurse making a difference, and the power of community fundraisers
  • Weekly ALS Awareness Month, 2021: Focus on the Expanded Access Program, which helps people who are not eligible for clinical trials obtain access to experimental treatments, and community events like sALSa For a Cure
  • Weekly ALS Awareness Month, 2021: ALS Awareness Month, HEALEY Platform Trial updates, community fundraising events and special thanks to research participants
  • Spring 2021: Awards for the CENTAUR trial, Health Canada regulatory progress for AMX0035, HEALEY Platform Trial enrollment milestones and more
  • Fall 2020: Results from the CENTAUR and Brainstorm trials, HEALEY Platform Trial enrollment, and Expanded Access Program updates
  • Spring 2020: Updates from the CENTAUR and HEALEY Platform trials, 2nd International Prize for Innovation in ALS
  • Fall 2019: Healey Family Endowed Chair for ALS Research, community outreach efforts, and collaboration with Mark Poznansky, MD, PhD
  • Spring 2019: Research Scholars program, new breakthroughs in understanding neuroinflammation in ALS and Alzheimer's disease, and a message of support from Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker
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