At the Healey & AMG Center for ALS, we are on a quest to discover life-saving therapies for the approximately 500,000 people worldwide who are affected by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

We are a diverse group of researchers, clinicians, project managers and information technologists at Massachusetts General Hospital, working with collaborators around the globe to find novel therapies for people with ALS. Under the leadership of Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc, Chief of Neurology, and a Science Advisory Council (SAC) of international experts, we are in a tireless pursuit of a cure.  Our large, multidisciplinary ALS clinic team is equally passionately devoted to providing innovative care that combines new tools, such as telemedicine, with age-old solutions, such as house calls, to provide the best treatments available to help people with ALS today.

Since 1993, when Dr. Brown at Mass General led the international team that discovered the first ALS-associated gene, Mass General has been at the center of ALS research to create new breakthroughs, accelerate progress and increase access to research discoveries. We offer the largest hospital-based research program for the disease, with 12 faculty and over 100 staff. With a host of new tools and technologies available today, our scientists are actively translating basic ALS research into new treatments and therapies. At its core, we view ALS as a uniquely variable disease requiring treatments tailored to each person with ALS individually. We have responded in kind, by contributing to the design and execution of some of the most cutting edge ALS research today—from cell and gene therapies, to novel antibodies and small molecules focused on halting key drivers of ALS.

The key to our success is our spirit and dedication to collaboration. We partner with the best physician-scientists and engineers from all over the world in a shared mission to develop personalized, targeted treatments to cure ALS. We also believe strongly in the partnership between people with ALS, caregivers and our team. Our model has enabled us to have over 70 active clinical trials and lab-based research studies in progress right now. Together we can design more efficient and more effective clinical trials.