Learn about what members of our community are doing to help find a cure for ALS.

Upcoming Events

The Bourque Family Foundation Captain's Ball 2024
Save the date for the annual Bourque Family Foundation Captain's Ball on Thursday, September 19, 2024 at the SOWA Power Station. Event details can be found here.

Ongoing Campaigns

TechVs. ALS 
Focusing on the innovative and foward-looking "Tech" community, "TechVs. ALS" is working with companies, foundations, organizations, and individuals by raising funds to launch Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) programs at existing HEALEY ALS Platform Trial sites nationwide, bringing access therapies and clinical trials close to those living with ALS. Click here for more information about sponsorship details or to make a gift. 

Tackle ALS 
Ongoing fundraising competition making a revolutionary new phase of research possible. Tackle ALS is dedicated to the critically important global initiative to accelerate bringing sciencfe discoveries to our patients through innovative trial approaches. Increasing access to effective threatments for people with ALS is a primary shared goal. Let's beat this!

Past Events
  • The Bourque Family Foundation Captains Ball 2023
    Over $70,500 was donated to the Healey & AMG Center for ALS in support of the nursing program through the second annual Captain's Ball in memory of Pete Frates. We are so grateful for the Bourque Family Foundation’s continued generosity in benefiting those we care for.
  • Cabell Fooshe Golf Tournament
    On September 25, 2023 Keller Williams and the McLean/Great Falls office hosted a golf tournament at the Westwood Country Club in Vienna, VA. Part of the proceeds were donated to the Healey & AMG Center in memory of Healey & AMG Center patients, Beth Albright and Tyler Suiters.
  • Pete Frates 5K 2023
    On Sunday, November 5, 2023 the annual Pete Frates 5k was held at Lynch Park, in Beverly MA. Hundreds from across the state participated, and over $85,000 was raised. Proceeds went to the ALS House Call Program.
  • Bid Group Golf Tournament 2023
    On Friday, March 3, 2023 BID Group hosted their second annual golf tournament to benefit the Healey & AMG Center. Their former employee, Rick Wilson was memorialized at this year’s event, held at the Santee Cooper Country Club in Santee, SC. Erin Clampffer, RN attended and accepted a $25,000 check on behalf of the Center.
  • Gregg Bonheur ALS Fundraiser 2023 was held on April 28th. The night, which included a stand-up comedy routine by Justin Hoff, and live music by Jamie Cain and DJ Soul, was a great success, raising $114,000 for ALS nursing and research.
  • MLB Lou Gehrig Day 2023 committee selected the Healey & AMG Center for ALS as the beneficiary for all charitable fundraising efforts centralized out of the Commissioner's Office.This year, $40,000 in proceeds from the MLB's online auction, and funds raised through the Lou Gehrig Day donation link, benefited the Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) Program. 
  • Ride to Endure 2023 
    On February 26th, Miron Golfman set out on the 1,000 mile Iditarod Trial in Noam Alaska as part of the Iditarod Trial Invitational. Miron participated this year to raise awareness and funds in support of the Expanded Access Protocol Program at the Healey & AMG Center in honor of his uncle, Bruce Rosenblum. He biked the entire trail, completing the ride on Wednesday, March 15th and raised $40,000. An incredible accomplishment!
  • The annual Pete Frates 5k 2022 was hosted by the AMG Charitable Foundation in November 2022. Faculty and staff from the Healey & AMG Center as well as hundreds from across the state joined together for the race in Pete's hometown, Beverly MA. Over $70,000 was raised to support the addition of a psychologist / psychiatric mental-health nurse practitioner to the ALS multidisciplinary care team at the Healey & AMG Center for ALS, addressing an enormous need for people with ALS. Click here for more information on the race and start getting ready for 2023! 
  • The Bourque Family Foundation Captains Ball
    The first annual Captain's Ball in memory of Pete Frates helped to raise a gift of $125,000 for the Healey & AMG Center. Mass General and the Healey & AMG Center are grateful for the Bourque Family Foundation’s support that will help further our progress in pursuit of a cure for ALS. 
Family photo in formalwear
PREVENT ALS participant Daniel Barvin with his wife Kaori and their son Kai
  • Supporting Efforts to PREVENT ALS
    The Smith Family Foundation offers a fundraising challenge to advance research to stop ALS before it starts. Research participant Daniel Barvin (right) says he hopes to be "the last generation ravaged by ALS.” Learn more here.
  • PalmePalooza Honors Aversion Drummer Mick Palmesano
    In memory of drummer Mick Palmesano, his sister has started a new charity to fund research and care for people with ALS. Their first fundraiser featured tributes to his life and music from friends and family this month in his hometown of Hornell, NY.
  • Martha Olson-Fernandez Family Foundation Golf Tournament
    On October 2, 2021 The Martha Olson-Fernandez Family Foundation hosted their 9th annual golf tournament in Arroyo Grande, CA. Through this annual event and the incredible support of the Brenner Family, MOFF made a gift of $30,000 in support of the Expanded Access Protocol Program at the Healey Center. This gift was made in honor of Ken Brenner and made possible by the Brenner family network. 
  • Lou Gehrig Day June 2, 2022 raised almost $20,000 for ALS research
Group with novelty check for $30,000
Presenting the check from the Martha Olson-Fernandez Family Foundation
  • ALS ONE Polar Plunge
    ALS ONE held their annual Polar Plunge at Rexhame Beach in Marshfield, MA on April 2. The "coolest event of the year" raised over $100,000 for ALS research, a new record!
  • Bid Group’s Inaugural Golf Tournament
    On March 5, 2022 Bid Group hosted their inaugural golf tournament in South Carolina. They raised $25,000 for the Healey Center in honor of their colleague Rick Wilson. Jen Scalia, NP was in attendance to accept the check and provided remarks about the work that the Healey & AMG Center is doing.
Group with novelty check for $500,000
Never Surrender presented a check for $500,000 at a special event
  • Never Surrender Backwoods Blizzard Snowmobile Tour Raises Funds for Platform Trial
    Never Surrender’s 2022 Black Woods Blizzard Tour began in Proctor, MN on February 3, 2022 with 250 riders, and raised over $500,000 to support ALS research. Those wishing to support Tour riders and their efforts to raise money to fight ALS can visit Never Surrender.
  • Final Season
    Tackle ALS founder Tim Green, a New York Times bestselling author and former NFL player, has written a new book based on his personal experiences and will be donating proceeds to Tackle ALS. Final Season follows Benjamin Redd, a star quarterback with football in his blood, whose father receives heartbreaking news. The book is published by Harper Collins.
  • Lori's Shoes "Hope Is In the Bag"
    Chicago-based fashion retailer Lori's contributed 10% of December 2021 handbag sales to the Healey & AMG Center's Expanded Access Protocols. Learn more and shop here.
  • Frates Memorial 5K
    On Sunday, November 7, 2021 the Pete Frates Memorial 5K in Beverly, MA, organized by the AMG Charitable Foundation, raised almost $40,000 in support of the ALS House Call Program at the Healey & AMG Center for ALS. 
Children posing with GWEN STRONG banner
Gwen Petersen and her family raised nearly $2,000 to support the EAP
  • Team GwenStrong Doubles Fundraising Goal 
    Gwen Petersen and her family hosted an October 17, 2021  fundraising walk to support the Expanded Access Protocol Program, and raised nearly twice their $1,000 initial goal. Congratulations, Gwen!
  • Kim Hoffman Runs the Boston Marathon for Team MGH 
    On Monday, October 11, 2021, Kim participated in the virtual Boston Marathon, raising funds for genetic ALS research at the Healey & AMG Center in memory of her sister Shell. Read more about Kim’s story and support her run here.
  • sALSa For A Cure Walk
    On October 3, 2021 friends and family of Margot Vaughan walked virtually and in-person to raise funds for the Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) Program at the Healey & AMG Center for ALS through the sALSa For a Cure fundraising initiative founded by her daughter and co-workers at Mastercard. They raised over $17,000 with this event, and have raised over $270,000 since their inception in 2017.
Group photo outdoors with banner
The sALSa For a Cure team raised $17,000 to support the Healey Center EAP
  • Martha Olson-Fernandez Family Foundation Golf Tournament
    On October 2nd, 2021 The Martha Olson-Fernandez Family Foundation hosted their 9th annual golf tournament in Arroyo Grande, CA. Through this annual event, MOFF made a gift of $30,000 in support of the Expanded Access Protocol Program at the Healey & AMG  Center.
  • Voice for ALS Golf Tournament 
    Thank you to Voice for ALS who hosted their first golf tournament on September 18, 2021 raising over $19,000 Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) Program at the Healey & AMG Center for ALS!
  • ALS ONE and Franey Family Fund Gifts 
    Thanks to Jen DiMartino, Executive Director of ALS ONE, for presenting us with two large gifts to drive new advances in ALS research and treatment. This latest gift, with an additional substantial contribution from the Mark Franey Family Fund, will support the HEALEY ALS Platform Trial, PREVENT-ALS, and other significant research initiatives.
  • Jimmer Szatkowski Offers Matching Gifts for Tackle ALS
    Jimmer and his family matched $51,000 of gifts to Tackle ALS. We are inspired by people like Jimmer, who despite a devastating diagnosis, find the strength to fundraise to find new treatments and cures for ALS. We are so grateful for your support, Jimmer!
  • Summer Shopping at J. McLaughlin
    Martha's Vineyard retailer J. McLaughlin hosted an ALS fundraiser on August 14, 2021, donating 15% of sales to sALSa for a Cure in support of ALS research led by the Healey & AMG  Center for ALS at Mass General. 
  • bust of Lou Gehrig
    Lou Gehrig Day 2021 and Lou Gehrig NFT Auction 
    Major League Baseball and digital collectible company Candy.com held an NFT auction to benefit ALS charities including the Healey Center. They offered a unique NFT of the iconic Lou Gehrig “Luckiest Man” speech and a limited edition series of images of the bronze bust of Gehrig. Learn more at candy.com.
  • 4 You I Will Fight 
    The group started by Tara O'Brien presented James Berry, MD with a check for $25,000 at a recent fundraising event, bringing their total donations to $60,000.
Earlier Events
Lou Gehrig illustration
Lou Gehrig Day:
  • Major League Baseball honored Lou Gehrig’s legacy by establishing an annual “Lou Gehrig Day” on June 2nd to raise awareness and funds for ALS. Gehrig joins Baseball Legends Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente as the only players whose legacies are celebrated annually with dedicated, league-wide days. Lou Gehrig Day will aim to remember the legacy of Gehrig, raise awareness and funds for research of ALS and celebrate the groups and individuals who have led the pursuit for cures.
    Lou Gehrig Day includes special moments at Major League ballparks and a series of fundraising efforts aimed at supporting charitable organizations. The MLB and the Lou Gehrig Day Committee have selected the Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) Program at the Healey Center for ALS as the beneficiary for all charitable fundraising efforts centralized out of the Commissioner’s Office. You can support the EAP with a donation or by purchasing a Lou Gehrig Day Shirt from the MLB Shop (Navy or Gray).
  • Shop JoJo Rings: JoJo Rings offers unique handcrafted rings and wraps from recycled keys. $5 from every product purchased during May and June 2021 supported the Tackle ALS campaign benefiting the Healey Center.
  • sALSa For a Cure and Mastercard Present a Priceless Experience for Lou Gehrig Day: The New York Yankees, sALSa for a Cure and Major League Baseball conducted an auction of memorabilia and a one-of-a-kind private meal with a former Yankees player complete with tickets to a Yankees game that evening. sALSa for A Cure was created in 2016 by Mastercard employees after learning that long-time Mastercard employee Margot Vaughan, had been diagnosed with ALS.
  • Patty’s Pals for ALS Awareness: Mastry's Brewery in St. Pete Beach, FL hosted a fundraiser with "Patty's Pale Ale" in the fight to find a cure for ALS on May 14, 2021. Donations and proceeds raised with the purchase of Patty’s Pale Ale were sentdirectly to the ALS research at the Sean M. Healey & AMG Center for ALS at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Rooting for Rick: Consider pledging gifts when celebrating a milestone like a birthday, wedding or anniversary. Hannah Wilson set a goal to raise $22,000 for her 22nd birthday in honor of her father, Rick.
  • #WipeOutALS: Carlsbad, CA surfer Tyler Decker was diagnosed with ALS at just 26 years old, and his friends and family are raising money for care and research.
  • Ring My Belle for ALS: Help to raise funds and spread ALS awareness with an act of kindness in your neighborhood. Participate in Ring My Belle for ALS by ringing your neighbor's doorbell and leaving a Ring My Belle for ALS flyer along with a small gift or gesture. For additional details, download a flyer here.
  • Shop Art Julie Treasures: One of a kind watercolor and acrylic paintings for sale by an artist who passed away from ALS in May 2020. For each painting sold, 100% of proceeds will benefit the HEALEY Platform Trial. Visit Art Julie Treasure’s Etsy shop here.
  • Inspired by reading Tim Green’s books, a book club of 13-year-olds started "Touchdowns for Tim Green" and raised $5,676 in support of his Healey Center fundraising initiative, Tackle ALS.
  • A North Carolina teen used a fishing tournament to raise over fifteen thousand dollars for the Healey Center where a family friend, Chris Smith, is a patient.
  • During their Hope is “In the Bag” campaign, Lori’s raised $11K in support of the Expanded Access Protocol (EAP) Program at the Healey Center. Read more about Lori’s inspiration to support the Healey Center on her blog.
    Lori and her husband Brian
  • Jacksonville Cardiologist Mark Litt and yoga instructor Sheila Johnstone hosted a livestream virtual yoga class to benefit the Healey Center for ALS on Sunday, April 19, 2020.

  • CBS Survivor contestant Jonathan Penner returned to the island for a special "Survivor: Winners at War Against ALS" episode in March 2020, and continues to support ALS research and care through the sale of Survivor/ALS themed tees and sweatshirts.
  • The Walpole, MA high school girl's hockey team has raised over $25,000 for ALS research by selling t-shirts in support of Tara Pacella, the mother of the team captain. Their efforts have been covered by WHDH Channel 7 News and the Boston Herald.
  • With Ice Bucket Challenge II, Brian Wallach and his friends have raised over $62,000, nearly half their total goal. To celebrate the work they’ve done so far, and to publicize their campaign even more, Brian has gotten a commemorative tattoo, a process he streamed live on Twitter.
  • Ashely Corbin and Jennifer DiMartino of ALS ONE presented a $100,000 gift to support our research and clinical care.
  • The annual fall flag football game run by Moms of Brielle (MOB) in Brielle, NJ on November 3 raised $6,735 for ALS research
  • sALSa for a Cure teams participated in the 2019 ALSA Walk to Defeat ALS and a New York City Marathon fundraiser. To date, the group has raised nearly $200,000 in funding for ALS research at Mass General.
    Team pushing Kathleen across finish line
    Team Kathleen crossing the Ragnar Relay finish line
  • "Team Kathleen" fielded 12 runners and nearly 40 support members for the 203-mile Bourbon Chase Ragnar Relay in Kentucky in support of Kathleen McCarron, a patient and research participant at the Healey Center for ALS.
  • "Olson It About Time to Cure ALS" in honor of George Olson raised more than $50,000 for ALS research with a cornhole tournament.
  • Tim Green, founder of Tackle ALS, retired his NFL Jersey at a Syracuse/Clemson Game. Tackle ALS has already raised more than $3 million for ALS research.