Our investigators are dedicated to designing trials that rapidly test the benefits of promising investigational therapies for ALS and carry only the most promising forward into larger trials, thus focusing our efforts on the best therapies available. Our new studies will be tailored to the characteristics of the therapy and to trial participants based on clinical and biological factors.

The Healey Center for ALS provides the infrastructure needed to radically change and accelerate the discovery of effective ALS therapies. Endowments will partially support our investigators as they focus on the following key initiatives:

  • Master trial designs that bring efficiencies and innovations of platform trials to ALS
  • Regulatory and translational science
  • Identification of actionable targets and drug discovery
  • Biomarker development to track response to treatment

By providing much-needed support, we will reduce the time gap between target identification and initiation of clinical trials. We believe strongly in identifying, supporting and mentoring the next generation of researchers continuing this tradition through our fellowship program. This will ensure the sustainability of future ALS research. The Healey Center for ALS will also support and attract new investigators and new ideas through awards and innovation seed grants.