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Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology

The Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology consists of basic and clinical scientists whose primary research emphasis includes infertility, aging and cancer as they pertain to the ovary and uterus. The center provides an optimal environment for individuals who are interested in integrating clinical and basic sciences and have a strong desire to pursue a career in academic research.

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PREPARE (Preconception PFAS Exposure and Reproduction) Study

The PREPARE Study explores the role of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) on human reproductive health, pregnancy, and birth outcomes. We are currently enrolling male and female participants ages 18 – 45 years old.  We are a group of Harvard based researchers within the  Scientific Early Life Environmental Health & Development (SEED) Program. 

START (Symptom Tracking in Assisted Reproductive Technologies) Study

The START Study tracks women’s mood symptoms throughout infertility treatment cycles. Study participants include women with a history of major depression or bipolar depression currently in remission who are planning or are under going infertility treatment. (Ongoing but not enrolling)