Fertility Resources

At the Mass General Fertility Center, each patient is a vital member of her care team. These resources will help you, your partner and your loved ones to stay informed throughout treatment.
PDF: Fertility Center Patient Handbook

Patient Handbook (PDF)

Contains information about the tests that a fertility specialist may order as part of the patient evaluation. A description of each test is included.

PDF: In Vitro Fertilization Basics handbook

In Vitro Fertilization Basics (PDF)

Get information about in vitro fertilization (IVF), including how to prepare, what to expect during egg retrieval and post-procedure instructions.

Consent forms for fertility treatments

Consent Forms

Find consent forms for all the fertility services offered by the Fertility Center.


Learn more about what to expect infertility treatment and meet our team members.

About Fertility & Fertility Treatment

Our team is here to support you and your loved ones throughout your treatment at the Fertility Center. Learn more about how to prepare for treatment and what you can expect when you go through fertility treatment.

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Financing Fertility Treatment

Learn more about IVF costs at Mass General and insurance coverage for fertility services.

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What to Expect

Learn what you can expect if you go through fertility treatment see a general outline of what the process might look like.

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How to Improve Your Fertility

Learn simple behavioral changes that can help improve your fertility, no matter your gender.

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Male Infertility

Learn what you should know about male infertility.

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What to Know About Fertility

Learn 10 things your reproductive endocrinologist wants you to know about fertility.

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Fertility and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Get answers to your questions about whether COVID-19 vaccines can affect your fertility.

Pregnancy Resources

Online Resources

Resolve New England

Resolve is a non-profit organization that supports the infertility community in greater New England educational programs, support groups, advocacy work and more.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine is an organization that provides information, education and advocacy in reproductive medicine.

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