Complete Care for Fertility Issues

The Fertility Center offers a wide range of infertility treatments, all performed under the strictest safety standards. Patients receive all care within our self-contained suite, which is designed for privacy, convenience and comfort.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

We offer leading-edge assisted reproductive technology (ART) services, including IVF and single-embryo transfer.

Male Infertility Treatment

Both male and female patients can receive all fertility-related care in the convenience of one location.

Egg, Sperm and Embryo Freezing

The Fertility Center offers comprehensive cryopreservation services, including egg banking, sperm banking and embryo banking.

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis

This groundbreaking technology that helps detect and prevent serious and life-threatening genetic diseases in embryos.

Third Party Reproduction

We offer third party reproduction services, including sperm and donation and gestational carrier options, for patients struggling to conceive.

Reproductive Surgery

We offer care for all reproductive surgical procedures, including the removal of fibroids and treatment of endometriosis.

The doctor took the time to really talk with me and get to know me. I felt like I was talking with a friend.I did not feel rushed or feel like just a number. I have not found that in a physician in a long time.

Fertility Center Patient

Multidisciplinary Care for Every Patient

At the Fertility Center, we are committed to tailoring treatment programs to best suit the needs of each patient. Each patient's treatment team includes a physician, nurse, medical assistant and administrative assistant. This multidisciplinary approach allows us to offer you close, individualized attention and maintain a supportive atmosphere. Throughout the process, you stay in control and are involved in making every decision. 

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As part of a world-class academic teaching hospital, the Fertility Center also gives you prompt, easy access to Mass General physicians and nurses in nearly every specialty and subspecialty. Our teams work closely with their colleagues elsewhere in the hospital to ensure you receive treatments that will maximize your chances of getting pregnant. For patients who do not receive all of their care at Mass General, we strive to return you to your community physician’s care as quickly as possible.

Developing More Advanced Infertility Treatments

Our physician-scientists are at the forefront of clinical research and basic science aimed at making a difference in the lives of those facing infertility. Our patients often have the opportunity to participate in clinical research programs exploring leading-edge techniques and technologies.

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Fertility and the COVID-19 Vaccines

Do you have questions about whether COVID-19 vaccines can affect your reproductive system? Get answers here.

Women’s and men’s fertility and the COVID-19 vaccines (PDF) >
La fertilidad en mujeres y hombres y las vacunas COVID-19 (PDF) >

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