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About the Program

The ODC works with patients on evaluating and managing their polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), and when applicable, improving their health before trying to get pregnant.

What to Expect

Consultation and treatment planning. We will work with you to develop a care plan, provide you with care recommendations to bring to your primary care doctor or primary gynecologist, and refer you to the appropriate specialists as needed including, weight management specialists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, nutritionists, behavioral and social counseling, and physical therapists.  Patients who require advanced surgeries may be referred to gynecologic surgeons.

After your initial consultation with us, you may return to your primary care doctor and primary gynecologist for ongoing health maintenance and preventive care. They are very important for patients with PCOS or other ovulation disorders.

Highly specialized supportive care. Our PCOS-focused care will serve as a supportive addition to, not substitute for, your overall health care. The clinic offers multiple procedures such as hysteroscopy, polypectomy, endometrial biopsy, and transvaginal ultrasonography.

Our clinic is a specialized resource for your specific ovulation disorder and possible fertility needs.

We see patients:

  • In their 20s and 30s: who have ovulation disorder symptoms and want a diagnosis.
  • In their 20s and 30s: who have PCOS and want treatment for their PCOS-related symptoms.
  • In their 20s - 37 years old: who have PCOS and plan on trying to get pregnant in the next
    2 years. Patients who are 38 years old or older with PCOS and fertility concerns may be seen in the Mass General Fertility Center at 617-726-8868.


In addition to clinical care, the ODC is innovating and pioneering multiple tools for patients. The clinic is currently curating protocols and will be offering approved research protocols to patients in the future.