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The goal of the Spine Surgery Fellowship Program is a comprehensive education in the science of spine surgery, clinical as well as research, basic science, teaching and education. Fellows rotate in both the operating room and the clinic setting with treatment of degenerative adult spine conditions, spinal deformity, acute spine trauma and spinal tumors.

As a combined Harvard fellowship between Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham & Women's Hospital, the fellow rotates through each campus and affiliated hospitals with teaching staff and hospital administration who are committed to providing an educational environment in order to avoid making the fellowship a pure service-oriented experience. There will be an adequate amount of inpatient and outpatient experiences, with graduated responsibility for the Fellow in order to gain the necessary expertise in evaluation, surgical decision analysis and follow-up care.

The educational program will consist of both academic and technical components. The academic environment will emphasize approaches to clinical problem-solving, encouraging self-directed study, and the development of analytic skills and sound surgical judgment. A clearly defined research program with the Fellow playing a significant role in formulating the project(s) and carrying out the work is an important component of the Fellowship year.


Thomas Cha, MD, Overall Fellowship Director
Stuart Hershman, MD, Massachusetts General Site Director
Melvin C. Makhni, MD, Brigham & Women's Site Director