Four of our PAs in Danvers
Four of our PAs who work at the Mass General / North Shore Healthcare Center in Danvers: (L to R) Drew Vrolyk, PA, Jamie Jackling, PA, Karissa Comfort, PA, MBA and Jeffrey Zhu, PA

The Department of Orthopaedic Surgery currently relies on a dedicated team of 24 Physician Assistants (PAs) that partner with surgeons and other physicians to deliver excellent patient care and ensure that Mass General's orthopedic practice runs smoothly and efficiently. Key liaisons with patients and their families, these highly skilled, licensed professionals are an integral part of the hospital. As Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), a clinician team that includes both PAs and Nurse Practitioners(NPs), PAs perform physical exams, order and interpret clinical tests, make diagnoses, educate and counsel, develop treatment plans and help patients and their families navigate the health care system.

The Director of the Department's APP team, which includes PAs as well as Nurse Practioners (NPs), Anne Fiore, DNP, explains the team's role further: "Our PAs really do it all. They work in tandem with physicians as part of a coordinated care team, often assisting in the operating room and managing postsurgical care. A large part of the patient's relationship with the Hospital is fostered by the PA. We are constantly getting great feedback regarding our PAs; reviews mention things like 'the PA clearly understood my problem,' 'she listened' and 'he was timely and efficient.' Rest assured: next to every great physician, there is a stellar physician assistant."

PA Week was started by the American Academy of Physician Associates (AAPA) to recognize the PA profession and its contributions to the nation’s health. It originally started as a day on October 6, 1987, to honor the 20th anniversary of the first graduating class of PAs.

"Our incredible Physician Assistants are an integral part of the MGH community," said David F.M. Brown, MD, President of Mass General. "I experienced this first-hand working side-by-side with them during my decades of clinical service in the MGH Emergency Department, and appreciate this even more broadly as MGH President. The expertise and commitment they show every day truly embodies what it means to provide and support exceptional patient care."

As of October 2022, the following physician assistants support Mass General's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. Thank you for all that you do!