Police & Security provides both uniformed officers and officers in business attire to perform details based upon your needs. Officers are available upon request for any event, and are usually required at events where alcohol is served.

Alcohol at Hospital Functions

Hospital policy requires that a security officer be present at any function held after 5:00 pm, where alcoholic beverages are being served and/or 20 or more people are in attendance. Generally, alcohol at these events is limited to beer and wine and events are held in areas designated for conference or meetings away from clinical and public areas.

Officers assigned to a detail where alcohol is being served need to ensure the following:

  • Only individuals permitted to attend the event are present
  • Minors are not being served
  • No one who is on duty or is to go on duty is served
  • Maintain a proper decorum as it relates to the behavior of the participants
  • Protect the hospital property from damage
  • Oversee that no employee is allowed to drink to the point of inebriation and that some prior arrangement is made for individuals deemed incapable of driving in a safe and legal manner

A waiver of this requirement may be granted at the express assumption of the supervisory responsibility by the department head. All waivers need to be approved by the Director of Police, Security and Outside Services. For more information, contact Jennifer McAuliffe at 617-724-3030 or via email at jmcauliffe3@partners.org.

Rates for Security Details

  • $50 per hour with a four-hour minimum per officer (when more than 24 hours’ notice is given)
  • $55 per hour with a four-hour minimum per officer (when less than 24 hours’ notice is given)

It is suggested that there be one officer for every 50 people in attendance.

To schedule a detail not involving alcohol being served at a function, or if you have already obtained a waiver, fill out an online detail request.