The Police and Security Department offers a number of services as part of its comprehensive Crime Prevention Program. We encourage all employees to utilize these services to help make the Mass General community safe and secure.

Safety and Security Presentations

Police and Security staff members present security lectures highlighting issues such as:

  • How to Make Your Workplace a Safe Place
  • AVADE Workplace Violence Prevention
  • How to Handle Potentially Violent Situations
  • Handling Suspicious Packages or Letters
  • Workplace Violence
  • Domestic Violence
  • Security Services at MGH

Invite a security representative to your next meeting by calling x47694 to discuss security services, workplace violence, domestic violence, and crime prevention methods to heighten employee awareness.

Outreach Training and Education

The Mass General Police, Security and Outside Services Department offers numerous educational programs to promote personal safety and emergency preparedness. 

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Community Policing

The Community Policing staff continues to work collaboratively on preventative measures to reduce opportunities for criminal activity. Our specially trained officers are assigned to specific areas that have been designated as high risk by either the Joint Commission or by our internal risk assessment. A Community Policing Officer acts as a liaison between the assigned area, the Police and Security Department and law enforcement agencies.

Community Police Officers have provided more than 100 educational presentations to their assigned units, conducted more than 800 selective patrols, more than 50 systems and technology maintenance checks, and assisted in numerous liaison efforts with outside agencies within the past year.

Through continuous communications, proactive measures and frequent visibility, the goal of Community Policing is to reduce risk of an incident occurring while heightening the awareness in Police and Security measures and services. Ultimately, this will enable the Mass General community to provide the highest quality health care without distraction.

Security Consultation (Risk Assessment/Security Survey)

The Mass General Police, Security, and Outside Services Department conducts risk assessments of all designated high-risk areas of the hospital.  These areas include those recommended by the Joint Commission (lobbies, emergency department, psychiatry, HAZMAT storage, irradiators, animal facilities, women’s health, pediatrics, pharmacies, and health centers) and those identified through incident analysis as being high crime or of concern. 

We also conduct risk assessments upon request for single incidents of a disturbing nature or for situations that may arise which cause staff to question their safety or security. 

We also encourage those occupying new space or whose area is undergoing construction to bring us in during the planning stages for a risk assessment and/or advice. 

The point of contact for this program and for setting up an assessment is Stewart Prue, Senior Manager for MGB Satellite Operations at

The security survey is a formal inspection of an office or work area that identifies potential risks for vulnerabilities, identifies strengths and weaknesses, and recommends steps that can be taken to improve security. Vulnerable or high-risk areas may include areas that handle cash, narcotics, research, or patients with specific needs such as infants. Consultations are provided to assess and recommend changes to security needs pertaining to locks, keys, alarms and access control systems.

A.L.E.R.T. Program

A.L.E.R.T. (Awareness Lets Everyone Reduce Theft) Program is designed to reduce crime by identifying vulnerabilities such as unsecured offices and unsecured or unattended property. A.L.E.R.T. stickers are placed on all items or doors found unattended or unsecured during patrols as a reminder to lock up and secure items of value.

Portable Item Locking Devices

Mass General Police & Security can install a variety of theft deterrent devices on your high-value or mobile devices to reduce the risk of theft.

The openness of the Mass General community increases the opportunity for high value equipment such as computers, printers, televisions, and video recorders to be illegally removed. To help minimize risk, the Police and Security Department provides locking devices. If you are interested in receiving a locking device, contact Police and Security at x62121.

Security Escorts

Walking alone can be an uncomfortable experience and may make one an easy target for anyone with criminal intent. Carrying pepper spray or similar personal security devices may not be a deterrent to potential criminals. An effective deterrent is not to be alone, especially at night. Police and Security will provide escorts to any employee, patient or visitor who wants an escort to the garages, lots and streets surrounding the hospital perimeter. Escorts are always available, however, there may be a delay due to the ability of the Police and Security Officer to respond immediately.

Please call:

  • Mass General Main Campus: 617-726-2121 (24 hrs)
  • Charlestown Navy Yard: 617-726-5400 (24 hrs)
  • Charlestown Health Center: 617-724-8151
  • Chelsea Health Center: 617-887-4300
  • MGH Danvers: 978-882-6444
  • Revere Health Center: 781-485-6464
  • MGH Waltham: 781-487-6999
  • Assembly Row (MGB Somerville): 857-282-6000 (24 hrs)
  • MGB Salem (NH): 603-414-6112
Security Standbys

If you anticipate that a patient or visitor will become aggressive or violent during an office visit, treatment or stay at Mass General, you should call security and request a standby so that security is already present rather than having to respond.

We can perform standbys with a visible presence or covertly in the next office depending on what the situation warrants.  It is better to anticipate these potentially volatile situations and prepare than to have to react without a plan.  Security standbys should also be requested for contentious terminations of employees and patients.