Police, Security and Outside Services provides training to all Mass General employees that is usually free of charge. We pride ourselves in providing a wide array of training programs to help keep the hospital a safe, secure and comfortable place to be.


Patient Care Safety Security Training is a NEW hybrid course that incorporates aspects of our major training programs: Workplace Violence, Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE), Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) and Active Shooter. Please contact Tom Mahoney at 617-724-7694 or tdmahoney@partners.org for more information.

Management of Aggressive Behavior (MOAB) provides strategies for preventing and diffusing aggressive behavior. This seminar will empower the attendees by teaching principles, techniques and skills used to recognize, reduce and manage anxious, aggressive and violent behavior. MOAB is probably unlike any other course you’ve taken in the past. The material is interesting and extensive. You can immediately apply this material at work, at home or on the street. View a list of upcoming classes.

Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) is a program designed to empower MGH employees to recognize and report suspicious individuals. SAVE provides an additional, proven layer of security by incorporating behavioral analysis into the employee’s daily functions. This no-cost training provides employees with the necessary tools to recognize and report high risk individuals. SAVE gives the employee the tools to prevent, rather than react. View a list of upcoming classes.

Active Shooter Response Training addresses this sensitive topic and what you can do should this rare event occur. People who train or review what to do during an active shooter incident are far more likely to take action. This classes teaches the ins and outs of the Run.Hide.Fight. model developed the by US Department of Homeland Security. View a list of upcoming classes.

HealthStream Courses

These are just some of the courses available through HealthStream. Go to your HealthStream desktop to see the full selection.

Active ShooterIt is very important that all staff are familiar with what to do in this unlikely event. View the full video on HealthStream. Your attestation to having completed the video will be tracked in HealthStream. If this video is not visible under “My Courses,” please see your supervisor or manager. (Intranet only)

Workplace Conflict: Violence Prevention: An educational video available through PHS HealthStream. This dynamic video shows scenarios that first depict what not to do when workplace conflict or violence occurs, followed by what you can do. (Intranet only)