The Mass General Police, Security and Outside Services Department is pleased to offer numerous educational programs to promote personal safety and emergency preparedness.

Police, Security and Outside Services provides training to all Massachusetts General Hospital employees that is usually free of charge. We pride ourselves in providing a wide array of training programs to help keep the hospital a safe, secure and comfortable place to be. 

Our proactive and innovative training is geared toward empowering every Mass General employee to react and assist in carrying out the hospital’s mission in any incident or situation that arises. We train employees to effectively handle escalating violence and threatening situations, to recognize suspicious behavior, and to report these incidents appropriately. 

We have trained over 8,000 employees in at least one of our four major educational programs:

  • AVADE Workplace Violence Prevention
  • Security Awareness and Vigilance for Everyone (SAVE) ™ – accessible via HealthStream
  • Workplace Conflict/Workplace Violence  accessible via HealthStream
  • Armed Intruder Training  accessible via HealthStream

We can tailor our classes to meet the needs of your department employees. The majority of our courses are free of charge and we are happy to coordinate schedules to be available for departmental staff meetings. We offer a number of educational programs in various formats, including:

  • Lecture-style
  • Electronic (video)
  • Scenario-based
  • Hands-on

For training inquiries, you may call or email Senior Training Manager Tom Mahoney at 617-724-7694 or or Training Specialist Matt Thomas at 617-726-6792 or We look forward to seeing you in class.