All full-time, part-time, and temporary employees as well as researchers, students, contractors, grant fund employees and volunteers are required to wear hospital-issued photo ID badges at or above waist level at all times while working at the hospital.

About Your Photo ID Badge

A photo ID badge is required for authorized entrance to Massachusetts General Hospital buildings and properties.

ID badges must be worn at all times for the following reasons:

  • Good customer service—patients and visitors appreciate it
  • Hospital policy
  • Joint Commission requirement
  • State law (for employees with direct patient contact)   

The ID badge contains an antenna, which will cease working if punctured or damaged. Cards are $20 to replace if lost or damaged. There is no fee for replacing defective badges.

Upon termination, the ID badge must be returned to Police and Security.

Types of Badges

These are the individual badges that can be obtained:

  • MGH white badge – no patient contact
  • MGH white badge with blue block outlining picture – patient contact
  • MGH blue badge – Bulfinch employee
  • MGH blue badge with black block outlining picture – Bulfinch employee, patient contact
  • MGH pink badge – OB Nursing
  • MGH green badge – contractor badge, non-employee
  • MGH gray badge – Volunteer
  • PHS white badge with their logo – no patient contact
  • PHS white badge with blue block outlining picture with their logo – patient contact

Getting a Photo ID Badge or Requesting Electronic Access

Obtaining a photo ID badge and requesting electronic access are two distinct processes.

ID badges and electronic access are managed at these locations:

Police and Security: Main Campus 
Location: Wang, Room 232 
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 7:15 am – 4:00 pm
Phone: 617-724-9339

Obtaining a Photo ID Badge

Once the appropriate paperwork has been submitted, the employee should go to the Photo ID office with a picture ID. It takes about six minutes to obtain a badge. Groups of four or more people need to be scheduled through our office.

Requirements by Employee Type

Permanent New Hire Employees

New employees include physicians, residents, fellows and Bulfinch temporary employees. New employee information is electronically passed from the Human Resource database to the Photo ID database, so a new employee can simply present another form of photo identification to obtain a Massachusetts General Hospital Photo ID.

Physicians must register at the Physician Registry before coming to the Photo ID office. The Physician Registry (x6-2119) will process the physician’s paperwork. The physician must also provide proof that they have completed the CAP training.

Grant-Funded Employees, Contractors, and Other Non-Employees

Grant-funded employees and all other non-employees should be processed through the Human Resource non-employee process. Their information will be passed to the Photo ID database in the same manner as new employees’ information.

Anyone employed outside the Massachusetts General Hospital/Mass General Brigham needs to have a contractor application signed by the appropriate person.

The new hire manager is responsible for completing the Access Request Form if electronic access is needed.

Medical Students

Medical students may be processed as non-employees or may present a letter or memo on department stationery. The letter should also include the date the student’s term is expected to terminate, if applicable, and should be signed by a department head or managing coordinator. The medical student must also provide proof they have completed the CAP training.

The coordinator should send a list of names and card access requirements five business days in advance.

IHP Students (CNY)

These are students that attend the Institute of Health Professions. Students should present a driver’s license (or other picture ID) and class schedule.

The Manager of Operation for IHP is the contact and can be reached at x4-0463.


All volunteers need a signed application from the Volunteer office.

Non-Photo Temporary ID Badges

Temporary ID badges with no photographs are issued on request with department approval.

Requesting Electronic Access

Fill out the Request for Access to Massachusetts General Hospital Main Campus or CNY/Satellite Facilities Form online.
This is an intranet site and can be accessed by Massachusetts General Hospital users only. You will be asked to re-enter your Mass General Brigham login credentials to access the form.

The manager of the employee or new hire is responsible for completing the “Access Request Form” if the employee or new hire needs electronic access. Once the Request for Access from is submitted, the Systems section of Police, Security and Outside Services will process the form. It may take up to two business days to process your request. You will receive an email from the Systems group informing you that your request has been completed and the badge is now activated.

If you have a new hire and you want their access badge to be active upon completion of their New Employee Orientation class, which ends Tuesdays at 1:00 pm, you must submit the form by 5:00 pm of the Thursday before their class.