Suspicious packages or substances have become an increasing concern based on recent domestic and international events. If you receive a suspicious package or substance, immediately contact Police and Security at your location.

The following is provided for your information:

Suspicious Mail Characteristics

  • Mail that has protruding wires, strange odors or stains
  • Mail that appears to contain any kind of “powder-like” substance
  • Mail with no return address
  • Oddly shaped mail or mail of an unusual size
  • Mail for someone who is no longer here
  • Mail marked “Personal” or “Confidential”
  • Mail addressed to a title, not a name
  • Mail that simply does not “seem” legitimate
  • Mail with excessive postage
  • Mail that is excessively heavy for its size

Proper Response

  • Contact Police and Security and take the following precautions:
    • Do not open anything that appears “suspicious”
    • Isolate the letter or parcel
    • Wait for Police and Security personnel to arrive

If you have opened an item that contains any “suspicious” substances:

  • Isolate the package/letter in a sealed bag, if possible
  • Keep others away from the item
  • Keep calm
  • Wash your hands with soap and water immediately
  • Shut off all fans, air conditioners, heaters, etc. Do not use remote control devices that may send a radio or electrical signal.
  • Document by name, address and contact phone number all others who were in the area of the suspected material.