The guiding principle of research space management at Massachusetts General Hospital is that space is a valuable asset that should be used efficiently at all times for the highest and best purpose.

The Research Space Management Group (RSMG) bases the space allocation and management process on several fundamental principles, essential to an efficient and equitable process.

The guiding principle is that research space is a valuable asset to be utilized efficiently at all times for the highest and best purpose. To help ensure that this principle is followed, RSMG provides the Executive Committee on Research (ECOR), Department Chiefs, and institutional leadership with comprehensive information on all research activity.

Secondly, it is crucial that space is not indefinitely tenured to specific research departments or investigators. ECOR is the primary “tenant” of all research space, which is ultimately owned or leased by the institution.

RSMG evaluates all available space in fair consideration of outstanding space requests and submits space allocation proposals for ECOR’s deliberation. This creates a positive atmosphere, offering groups the chance to compete for available space on an equitable basis.

Thirdly, proposed allocations of space are discussed openly and objectively with the full participation of all affected parties. RSMG provides data that assists ECOR in recommending space allocations that are based on program quality, mission-relatedness, demonstrated need, and availability of sponsored research support. Researchers are free to refute decisions and provide supplemental information to strengthen any space request.

Finally, RSMG, in conjunction with ECOR, must approve all major proposed changes in research space utilization or allocation. This can include sanctioning the loss or gain of space, as well as supporting required renovations in an existing space.

Whether new or renovated, space is configured as flexibly as possible to meet specific program requirements and to be readily usable by future groups.