The Snapshot of Science is a monthly digest of publications, press releases and blog posts featuring researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital.

August 2021

Prison crowding and COVID-19 rates, new target for treating Alzheimer's disease and lifestyle/environmental effects on diabetes phenotypes, and more.

July 2021

Pathway to a T cell COVID-19 vaccine, reduced opioid prescriptions linked to better post-op results and microbiome connection to celiac disease onset in children and more.

June 2021

Increasing healthy food choices in the workplace, immune suppression during severe covid-19 and sepsis and more.

May 2021

Adverse childhood experiences and adult mental health, physician mental health and medical licenses, insights into hypoxic brain injury and more.

April 2021

Sex and age differences in mild TBI recovery, overlap between migraine and epilepsy, long term effects of COVID in young athletes and more.

March 2021

Patient preference for statin therapy, vaccine efficacy against SARS CoV-2 variants, the value of statistical suicide prevention and more.

February 2021

Retaining women participants in clinical trials, single neurons are critical for social reasoning and more.

January 2021

Airway stem cells mitigate hypoxia-induced damage, blue light for multidrug-resistant bacteria and Moco supplement therapy for Moco deficiency.

December 2020

An oxygen-sensing liquid bandage, a blood test that identifies pancreatic tumors, the maternal passage of SARS-CoV2 virus and antibodies and more.

November 2020

Premature menopause and heart health, insurance expansion may reduce utilization of emergency medical services, a novel, portable MRI scanner and more.

October 2020

Assessing barriers to behavioral health care, insights into allergies, imaging the patient-clinician interaction and more.

September 2020

Portable MRI for bedside imaging, a promising new treatment slows ALS progression, using AI to detect lung cancer from chest radiographs and more.

August 2020

Vitamin D supplements and depression, neural markers for chronic back pain, distinct viral reservoirs in HIV elite controllers and more.

July 2020

Osteocyte response to exercise, circulating tumor cell sorting, improving malaria vaccines and more.

June 2020

The largest catalog of human genetic data to date, FAN1 may alter Huntington's onset, ismA gene aids in cholesterol metabolism and more.

May 2020

Learned neural patterns are replayed during sleep, cellular diversity of the human heart, distracted driving laws and crashes and more.

April 2020

Implications of climate change on cardiovascular health, genetic risk scores and type-2 diabetes, efforts to mitigate perceived risks among immigrants and more.

March 2020

Aortic dilation in aging endurance athletes, a genetic history of the United States, regions of the genome that affect eating habits and more.

February 2020

A "universal" target for antiviral treatment, the role of trauma in FND, the cost of HIV treatment in the U.S. and more.

January 2020

Mediterranean diets may lower the risk of Crohn's disease, fluorometric imaging for arthritis, palliative care following acute heart attacks and more.

December 2019

Gender differences in how researchers present their science, vaccine practices for children traveling abroad and more.

November 2019

Cardiovascular risk in pregant women, links between autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and more.

October 2019

Using light to treat carbon monoxide exposure, cardiovascular risk in a subset of football players, utilizing genetic screening to assess diabetes risk and more.

September 2019

Creating a library for the microbiome, supercooling extends the viability of transplant organs, how a lack of sleep may increase the risk of a heart attack and more.

August 2019

How the quality of dietary fat may impact risk of type 2 diabetes, strategies to improve cancer prevention in the Caribbean, treating parents for tobacco use in the pediatric setting and more.

July 2019

Understanding how tumors become resistant to radiation therapy, stress-induced changes in bone marrow stromal cell populations, neuroepigenetic signatures of age and sex in the living brain and more.

June 2019

Socioeconomic status associates with heart health, antibodies are transferred from mother to child, identifying passenger hotspots in cancer and more.

May 2019

Identifying critical regions of viral proteins in HIV, the impact of job satisfaction, genetic triggers of mitral valve prolapse and more.

April 2019

A new method for calculating a genetic risk score for obesity, visualizing the efficacy of personalized cancer treatments, insights into elite controllers of HIV and more.

March 2019

Genetic links to insomnia and sleep duration, evaluating the risks of overlapping surgeries, assessing parental vaping policies in homes and cars and more.

February 2019

Poor sleep linked to heart disease, increased synaptic pruning found to be associated with schizophrenia, a new promising treatment for triple-negative breast cancer and more.

January 2019

The effect climate change has on health, links between physical activity and depression, how immune cells in the gut affect metabolism and more.