Anesthesia: Exploring the Unconscious Mind

Surgical anesthesia revolutionized health care when it was first introduced at Massachusetts General Hospital in 1846. In this video Q&A with Dr. Emery Brown and Patrick Purdon, PhD, discover what happens in the brain in the space between consciousness and anesthesia, and how new anesthesiology research is changing our understanding of brain science.


Can noncoding RNAs serve as biomarkers for cardiovascular disease?

Saumya Das, MD, PhD, conducts research focused on the discovery and identification of RNA biomarkers in plasma that may prognosticate outcomes related to heart failure and arrhythmic events. Dr. Das’s hope is that one day, certain sets of RNA markers might translate in the clinic as a test to help stratify patients based on risk for earlier and more definitive intervention.



The importance of science communication

Susan A. Slaugenhaupt, the Scientific Director of the Mass General Research Institute, explains the challenges that scientists have in talking about their work to the general public, and offers suggestions for better science communication.



The Vagina Dialogues: Vulvovaginal Health After Menopause

Caroline Mitchell, MD, MPH, director of the Vulvovaginal Disorders program at Mass General, discusses vaginal and genitourinary health for women after menopause and reviews common treatments for vaginal discomfort—some of which are better supported by research than others.



Welcome to the Mass General Research Institute

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital began over 200 years ago, and today, Mass General is home to the largest hospital-based research program in the United States. We partner with academia, industry, governments, philanthropists and our community to prevent disease, make medical innovation sustainable, and find cures to improve the lives of our patients and those across the globe.



American Heart Association 2017 Video: Scientific Sessions in Summary

Mass General physicians presented on the podium, moderated sessions or showcased posters over 50 times at the American Heart Association 2017 Scientific Sessions. Some of them answered the question: “What was the most interesting topic presented at this year’s Scientific Sessions?”


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