Staying Connected, Healthy, and Energized during COVID-19 and Beyond is a 6-part webinar series presented by the Lifestyle Medicine Program. Each session is hosted by an expert clinician from various fields such as oncology, psychology, and nutrition, and will equip you with the tools to set achievable goals during this challenging time.

WFH: Workout From Home

This session provides an introduction to Lifestyle Medicine and then focuses on the benefits of exercise and ways to stay active during COVID-19. Watch video.
Betsy O’Donnell, MD (Director of Lifestyle Medicine and Medical Oncologist) and Sasha Knowlton, MD (Assistant Director of Cancer Rehabilitation, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School)

Fighting Cancer with Your Fork: Mindful Eating

In this session, we review evidence-based nutrition recommendations for cancer survivors, and discuss how food can be used to strengthen your body during treatment and beyond. We share a brief cooking demonstration that illustrates how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your day! Watch video.
Amy Comander, MD (Director of Breast Oncology and Survivorship at Mass General Waltham and Newton-Wellesley Hospital), Carol Sullivan, RD (Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition), and Samantha Bateman, RD (Clinical Dietitian)

Pillow Talk: Improving Your Sleep

In this session, we review the fundamentals of healthy sleep, tips for promoting restful sleep, and show you some ways to practice these tips in your nightly routine! Watch video.
Loren Winters, ANP-BC (Breast Oncology Nurse Practitioner, yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Health Counselor) and Rachel Millstein, PhD (Clinical Health Psychologist, Behavioral Medicine Program)

Socializing from a Distance

Feeling like your social network has taken a back seat during this time of social distancing? We talk about ways to make the most of these limitations and stay safe while maintaining your social well-being. Watch video.
Yen-Lin Chen, MD (Radiation Oncologist) and Rachel Millstein, PhD

Stress Busters: Managing Your Stress

In this session we present the science behind stress and its impact on chronic health and learn tools to reduce your response to stress. We demonstrate a variety of mind/body techniques including self acupressure, mindful breathing and movement. Watch video.
Shalu (Shirly) Ramchandani, MD (Internal Medicine physician with specialty in Obesity Medicine and Staff Physician at Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine), Loren Winters, ANP-BC, and Nathan Langford (Acupuncturist)

Cultivating Healthy Habits

This session will provide an overview of healthy behaviors and coping strategies to keep you going strong with your healthy habits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Topics will include: finding meaning and acceptance, planning your healthy behaviors, and overcoming barriers to changes. Watch video.
Rachel Millstein, PhD and Betsy O’Donnell, MD


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