Residents read a chest x-ray with Edendale Hospital in South Africa
Residents read a chest x-ray at Edendale Hospital in South Africa.

The Global Medicine Program at Massachusetts General Hospital is committed to providing all residents with the opportunity to receive training in the field of Global Health. Residents take part in impactful experiences designed to integrate the principle and practice of global health into their career path.

Global Medicine Curriculum planning
Internal Medicine residents take part planning the Global Medicine curriculum

Global Medicine Curriculum

Available to all interested interns, the Global Medicine curriculum explores how the goal of health for all may be achieved for communities around the world. This four-week immersive experience highlights:

  • Comparative lessons across a diversity of country and resource settings
  • Consideration of the broader socioeconomic and political context of health
  • Examining the full arc of care delivery – from governmental policy and planning to local communities

Teaching methods include case studies, lectures, critical reading of literature, faculty panels, interactive team-based problem-solving and integrated community-based experiences.

Away Electives

Junior and senior residents are eligible to apply for an away elective. Away Electives provide residents the opportunity to participate in a clinical or research experience while assisting with capacity building and training for our international and domestic partners. Residents are encouraged to travel to one of our established partner sites, however additional locations of interest will be considered.

Current partner sites include:

  • Mbarara Rural Regional Referral Hospital in Mbarara, Uganda
  • Bugoye Health Clinic III in Bugoye, Uganda
  • Edendale Hospital in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
  • Indian Health Service - Rosebud and Pine Ridge Native American reservations
  • Boston Health Care for the Homeless

Immigrant, Refugee, and Global Health Ambulatory Subspecialty Experience (ASE)

The two-week Immigrant, Refugee, and Global Health ASE prepares residents for clinical experiences abroad and for working with refugees and immigrants in a domestic setting by incorporating global skills and education into the annual residency curriculum. Residents are introduced to a wide variety of disease and health issues by leaders in the field, and receive training to serve underserved and vulnerable populations in resource-poor settings as well in Boston.

Global Health Didactic Opportunities include:

  • Global Health resident reports, noon conference, and case presentations
  • Global Health Interest Group: Meets once a month for themed social events and speakers

Mentorship and Research

Mass General is home to a wealth of international research and education activities. Residents with an interest in global health are offered mentorship and advice throughout their residency career. The Global Medicine Program assists residents in identifying scholarly and research opportunities that best suit their academic interests and career aspirations.

Additional Resources

  • Mass General Center for Global Health: Provides additional venues for residents to explore varied career pathways in global health and has broadened educational activities available to all trainees across the hospital
  • Partners Centers for Expertise in Global Health: Provides funding, educational conferences and support for all Partners-affiliated residents with interest in global health
  • Harvard Global Health Institute: This institute provides opportunity for collaboration across all Harvard institutions
  • Other Harvard- and Mass General-affiliated hospitals and programs are available to all residents

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