Explore the Preliminary Program

The Internal Medicine Residency Preliminary Program provides residents bound for training in other specialties with broad and intensive exposure to internal medicine. One-year positions are offered each year for residents planning to enter other areas of residency training including anesthesia, dermatology, neurology, ophthalmology, radiology and radiation oncology. Interns completing a preliminary year form a substantial portion of the residency group and are fully integrated into the program, with curriculum similar to the categorical program with the major difference being no requirement for an outpatient continuity experience. However, longitudinal outpatient experiences can be arranged on an individual basis. Elective time for the one-year program interns is two months.

Residents entering an integrated medicine/psychiatry program at Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital also spend a preliminary year in the medical services where the internship provides a thorough grounding in internal medicine as well as significant exposure to neurology and psychiatry.

Preliminary interns may complete their intern year at Mass General and then continue their training at other institutions.