The Mass General Firm System, named after former Chiefs of Medicine, was designed to create smaller communities within a large residency program. The firm system, led by our Firm Chiefs, offers an academic home for residents. The Firm Chiefs provide academic advising, mentorship, career development, and letter writing for fellowship and job opportunities. The firm system is also embedded in the Bigelow/Flex general medicine service. Each firm is associated with two Bigelow team floors and residents spend the majority of their time on those floors, allowing residents to get to know each other and the interdisciplinary teams working on those floors. Inpatient Core Educators are also associated with individual Firms, allowing core faculty to support the growth and development of residents over the three years. In addition, the firm system supports social and career development activities.

Diagram showing how the various Bigelow and Flex entities are grouped under the Jackson, Means, and Bauer firms.