At Massachusetts General Hospital, the Department of Medicine categorical, primary care and preliminary year residency training programs provide intensive exposure to the practice of internal medicine and prepare graduates for a wide variety of careers in medicine.

The Categorical Program and the Primary Care Program are three-year programs that provide core clinical training in internal medicine and meet the requirements of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). Completion of either program qualifies the candidate as board-eligible in internal medicine. The principal difference between Mass General’s Categorical and the Primary Care Programs is the amount of time allocated to training and education in the ambulatory setting. Candidates may apply to any or all of our programs, but will only match with one.

We offer broad clinical experience across both inpatient and ambulatory settings, dedicated teaching faculty who are leaders in their fields, a strong camaraderie, resident academic and scholarly work opportunities and top-ranked fellowship and career placement. With these resources, the program enables residents to develop outstanding clinical skills while attaining long-term career goals.

In addition, we offer concentrations in Global Health and Health Policy that offer specific clinical and educational experiences. Residents who come through any of our programs are eligible to participate.

Our Programs

Categorical Program

Provides residents with standard-setting health care training in a wide variety of rotations and leadership roles.


Stanbury Physician-Scientist Pathway
Pathway for careers in research-oriented academic medicine. Trainees have the option of completing residency in two years as part of our Categorical Program followed by clinical fellowship and further research training.

Primary Care Program

Trains residents to provide comprehensive care for patients, including excellent ongoing primary care of patients and inpatient care for acutely ill patients. Primary care residents serve on inpatient general medical teams, as well as spend nearly 40% of clinical training time in outpatient settings.

Preliminary Program

Training in internal medicine for interns completing a preliminary year before moving on to other specialties.

Joint Programs

Medicine-Pediatrics Program

A four-year training program in general internal medicine and pediatrics. Residents in this program rotate through the Mass General internal medicine and pediatric residencies and are essential members of both programs. The goal of the Harvard Mass General Program is to afford outstanding clinical training in both internal medicine and pediatrics, while fostering development in research and community service.

Medicine-Psychiatry Prelim Program

Interns in the Mass General McLean Adult Psychiatry Residency Program spend six months of the year completing medicine rotations at either Mass General or Newton Wellesley Hospital, which includes a combination of inpatient ward medicine, emergency department, ICU and elective.

Neurology Preliminary Program with the Mass General Brigham (MGB) Neurology Residency at Harvard Medical School

Applicants to the MGB Neurology Residency Program can complete their preliminary year in medicine by applying to the joint med-neuro preliminary program at Mass General.