Internal Medicine Residency Program

Department of Medicine
Gray Bigelow 730
55 Fruit Street
Boston, MA 02114

Phone: 617-726-5820
Fax: 617-724-7441

Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Public transportation access: Yes
Accessible building: Yes

William Kormos, MD 
Interim Program Director

Gabby Mills
Residency Program Manager

Rachel Bukis
Primary Care Program Coordinator

Libby Cunningham 
Education and Technology Program Manager

Primary Care Program

Jessica Zeidman, MD
Primary Care Program Manager

Laura Ricci
Primary Care Program Coordinator

Stanbury Physician Scientist Program

Carrie Sokol, MD, PhD
Co-director of the Stanbury Physician Scientist Program

Katerina Patras
Stanbury Physician Scientist Program Coordinator

Preliminary Program

Victor Chiappa, MD
Associate Program Director for Preliminary Medicine

Hannah Burks-Rodriguez
Preliminary Program Coordinator

NRMP Program Numbers

  • Categorical Program NRMP Number 
    • 1261140C0
  • Neuro Preliminary Track Number
    • 1261140P1
  • Preliminary Program NRMP Number
    • 1261140P0
  • Primary Care Program NRMP Number
    • 1261140M0
  • Stanbury Physician Scientist Pathway Track Number
    • 1261140C2