Dear Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in the Massachusetts General Hospital Stanbury Physician-Scientist Pathway (PSP). This program was founded with the intention of attracting promising students with a desire to become productive and impactful physician-scientists to train and participate in the rich environment offered by Mass General and its affiliates. Between a strong PSP mentorship structure and the innate advantages of training in the edifyingly diverse Boston biomedical environment, we hope to facilitate your growth as you advance from clinical training in residency and fellowship onwards through the time when you establish your own independent research programs as principal investigators. Innumerable highly successful physician-scientists have worked and trained at Mass General, including Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) scientists as well as Lasker and Nobel awardees. We expect you to help us continue this great tradition by taking full advantage of the truly outstanding array of research and clinical opportunities available to you, should you choose to train here. Please feel free to contact me with inquiries about Mass General and the Stanbury PSP.

Jay Rajagopal, MD
Co-Director, Stanbury Physician-Scientist Pathway