Through a collaborative grant funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, the Disparities Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of North Carolina Greensboro seek to reduce mental health disparities for racial/ethnic and linguistic minorities.

The project intends to: 1) establish community-ACO-academic partnerships to collaborate in building capacity for mental health care, 2) train CHWs to provide an integrated, evidence-based intervention in clinical and community settings, and 3) assess intervention implementation. The project is being conducted in collaboration with clinical sites and community-based organizations (CBOs) serving a diverse population.

Specific Aims include the following:

Aim 1: Develop community-ACO-academic partnerships in Massachusetts and North Carolina to increase community engagement and reach in providing mental health services to low-income, racial/ethnic and linguistic minority participants.  

Aim 2: Test the effectiveness of the Strong Minds intervention in eligible participants with elevated depression and/or anxiety symptoms.

Aim 3: Assess the implementation of the Strong Minds intervention.

Funding Acknowledgment:

This project is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, Grant Number: R01MH117247.

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