Latino Youth Coping with Discrimination: A Multi-Level Investigation

This project seeks to understand how discrimination-related stressors affect mental health for Mexican-American youth living in a new migration area.

Building Infrastructure for Community Capacity in Accelerating Integrated Care

The Disparities Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and the University of North Carolina Greensboro seek to reduce mental health disparities for racial/ethnic and linguistic minorities.

Positive Minds Strong Bodies – Implementation

This renewal grant tests an enhanced version of the Positive Minds-Strong Bodies disability prevention program, offered by Community Health workers to racial/ethnic & linguistic minority older adults.

ENLACEs: Epigenetic and Neuroendocrine Links to ACEs

Latino adolescents have higher prevalence of alcohol consumption and binge drinking, start using drugs and alcohol earlier, and are at greater risk of developing addiction due to early use.

Learning Assessment to Increase Diversity in Academic Health Sciences

The 14-month initial study identified evidence-based strategies supporting faculty recruitment, retention, and promotion of staff and students of color in academic health sciences.

Expanding Reach of the Strong Minds Intervention

The Strong Minds program is a linguistically- and culturally-tailored psychosocial intervention offered over six months to adults aged 18+ with moderate to severe depression or anxiety symptoms.