International Latino Research Partnership

International Latino Research Partnership (ILRP) tests a behavioral health intervention for migrant Latinos with co-occurring substance use and mental health problems in Madrid, Barcelona and Boston.

Improving the Quality of Depression Treatment for Ethnic Racial Minorities

Investigators perform analyses that will provide mental health service providers findings relevant for assessing, treating, and retaining ethnic/racial minority patients in depression treatment.

New Connections Mentorship Program

The New Connections Mentorship Program is a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) national program designed to expand the diversity of perspectives that inform RWJF program strategy.

Reducing Bias in Adolescent Psychiatric Screenings

Investigators improve the effectiveness of identification, referral and screening for mental health disorders potentially associated with ethnic/racial disparities in adolescent receipt of mental heal

Disability Prevention for Minority Elders

The clinical trial examines how to successfully build collaborative research for the provision of evidence-based mental health and disability prevention treatments in community-based organizations.

PhotoStories: A Massachusetts Teen Project

PhotoStories study aims to improve adolescent behavioral health through youth perspectives informing the development of community interventions.

Underlying Mental Health Disparities

This project investigates differential mechanisms that may explain ethnic/racial disparities in mental health outcomes and mental health service delivery utilizing national datasets.

Medicaid and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

This project examines New York Medicaid data to investigate the role of Medicaid privatization on substance use disorder (SUD) treatment.


Advanced Disparities Center

The Advanced Disparities Center was established to increase the understanding of the factors affecting mental health service disparities in Latinos and other minorities and generating research.

Export Center

In conjunction with the University of Puerto Rico and Harvard Medical School, the Disparities Research Unit is part of a multi-site continuation of the EXPORT Center.

Export Center of Excellence

The EXPORT Center generates and tests interventions that can remedy service disparities in asthma and mental health for disadvantaged Latino and African Caribbean populations.


Social Context, Culture and Depression

This longitudinal project is the first to investigate the long-term effects of early experiences of minority status and neighborhood context on Latino young-adult behavioral health.

Patient-Provider Communication Effectiveness

This effectiveness trial aims to increase shared decision making among patients and their providers and to improve patient-centered quality of care and providers’ receptivity to patient activation.

Comparative Effectiveness Research

Comparative Effectiveness Research provides the opportunity to fill the knowledge gap in mental health care for Latinos by comparing brief evidence-based depression treatments.

National Latino and Asian American Study

National Latino and Asian American Study

The National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS) provides national information on the similarities and differences in mental illness and service use of Latinos and Asian Americans.

National Latino and Asian American Study II

NLAAS II supplies mental health service providers and policy makers with the best available data.

National Latino and Asian American Study Documents

Questionnaire documents from the Disparities Research Unit's National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS).