Coma Survivor Study Have you or a loved one suffered from coma and survived after your family was given the prognosis of no chance at recovery?

If so, we here in MGH Neurology would like you to participate in a study that is ongoing within our department. We seek volunteers who have survived against the odds from Coma, after there was seemingly no chance of recovery.

From time to time, we see in the news media that patient’s have ‘miraculously’ survived  when there was no hope of survival offered. Our study is designed to learn from these rare cases, so that other families who find themselves in similar situations, and their doctors, might benefit the clinical and investigational details of cases where such ‘miracles’ have occurred.

If you or a family member have survived against such odds, and would like to participate in our study, please contact us at:  or  phone 617-643-2600.

Principal InvestigatorRonan Kilbride, MD
MGH Neurology
Wang ACC 735
55 Fruit St., Boston 02144

Keith Chiappa, MD
MGH Neurology

David Greer, MD
MGH Neurology

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