Lifestyle interventions for brain health: Dr. Tanzi’s “SHIELD” plan

While we await the medicines that will prevent and treat Alzheimer’s disease, the McCance Center continues to accelerate research on lifestyle interventions across the lifespan.

The brain health of people who have had COVID-19 is at risk. How can we help?

A team lead by McCance Center Co-Founder Jonathan Rosand, MD and Medical Director Zeina Chemali, MD, MPH is studying the brain health impact of COVID-19 on patients and their family members.

How can we improve care and reduce disparities in hemorrhagic stroke?

The ASA-Bugher Center focuses on brain health research, patient care and training a new generation of investigators focused on improving outcomes for people who have suffered a hemorrhagic stroke.

Can we measure brain age?

Brandon Westover, MD, PhD and his colleagues have used machine learning to determine brain age. Their study is revealing whether exercise can slow or even reverse brain aging.

Can we develop a brain treatment that mimics the effects of exercise?

Rudy Tanzi, PhD and team are investigating how the brain makes new neurons and connections. Better understanding of this process will help prevent brain disease before it starts.

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