The Human Sleep Project

About The Human Sleep Project

Our sleep contains a record of our current brain health and future risk for developing brain disease. In partnership with our collaborators, the McCance Center launched the Human Sleep Project to learn what sleep can teach us about brain health and to leverage that knowledge to prevent brain disease and maximize human potential.​

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The Importance of Sleep

Healthy sleep improves daytime functioning and reduces the risk of developing brain diseases in the future. Currently, sleep assessments are not a part of routine medical care and offered only to those that complain of poor sleep. In addition, sleep assessments are largely inaccessible to communities that are impacted by healthcare disparities. ​

Our Work

Through the Human Sleep Project, the McCance Center is harvesting vast troves of sleep and health data that exist across research and clinical settings to generate brain health markers that can be routinely monitored in the primary care setting. With our efforts we aim to:

Build Engineering Capacity at Sites

Recruit the most promising scientific leaders and data engineers at contributing sites to our cause, bringing in expertise from across disciplines​.

Develop AI/ML Tools that Accelerate Discovery

Recruit the most promising data scientists and brain health researchers to develop groundbreaking AI/ML tools​.

Establish Sleep Health Clinics

Stand up a clinic that provides individualized treatment plans to help patients achieve their sleep health goals and the infrastructure to run clinical trials of sleep-based brain health interventions​.

Connect with Communities

Recruit community leaders and other representatives to spearhead efforts to understand and navigate the health-related decision challenges of their respective communities ​

Accelerate Scientific Discovery

Organize public challenges, where research teams compete to create novel algorithms within the Human Sleep Project data archives – publishing the winning entries and making them open-source.

Our Team

Brandon Westover, MD PhD

Valdery Moura Junior, MS, MBA

Our Collaborators

Best in class institutions from across the nation are joining us in our mission to better understand and harness the power of sleep. We welcome collaborators and partners from academics, industry, research and clinical care to join our effort.