Overview and Ongoing Projects

We use a combination of techniques—quantitative analysis of movement, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation—to investigate motor system injury and its functional consequences after stroke. We are grounded in neuroscience and focused on clinical translation.
Active projects in the lab include:
  1. A longitudinal natural history study of upper extremity motor recovery from acute to chronic phases after stroke paired with serial technological assessments (MR Imaging/EEG/Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation/Kinematic Analysis)
  2. Investigation of a novel EEG-based brain-computer interface to engage neuroplasticity for stroke survivors
  3. A clinical trial of a functional near-infrared spectroscopy(fNIRs) system to engage cortical motor networks for arm and hand rehabilitation

Core Faculty and Staff


Leigh Hochberg, MD, PhD
Director, Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery, Department of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Director, VA RR&D Center for Neurorestoration and Neurotechnology, Rehabilitation R&D Service, Providence VA Medical Center
Professor of Engineering, Brown University
Senior Lecturer on Neurology, Harvard Medical School

Director, Brain Recovery Lab
Department of Physical Therapy
MGH Institute of Health Professions

Dagmar Sternad, PhD
University Distinguished Professor in Biology
Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physics
Northeastern University
Paul A. Maeder Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Lab Alumni

Alison Cloutier, Clinical Research Coordinator
Subsequent Position: Biomedical Engineer, Industry

Nicole Lam, Occupational Therapy Student
Subsequent Position: Staff Occupational Therapist, Massachusetts General Hospital

Iris Wu, Clinical Research Coordinator
Subsequent Position: Medical Student, Harvard Medical School


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Open Research Positions

We are always looking for passionate and talented individuals to join our group. Please send an email to LTNr Lab Manager Julie Dicarlo at jdicarlo2@mgh.harvard.edu with your interest and CV.


Work in the Lin Lab is currently supported by the American Academy of Neurology, the American Society of Neurorehabilitation, the Veterans Health Administration, the Mass General Center for Neurotechnology and Neurorecovery, the Mass General Department of Neurology, and Industry Partners.

Dr. Lin has received past support from the Andrew D. Heitman Foundation, the American Heart Association, and the National Institutes of Health. We are extremely grateful for support from our funding partners.