What happens in a new patient appointment and what can I expect?
A new patient’s initial clinic appointment will take about 75 minutes and will consist of reviewing a patient’s medical, neurologic and neuropsychiatric histories, clinical examination, discussion and counseling of the patient’s and family members’ concerns, and development of a follow-up treatment plan. Our clinicians may also order more in-depth tests for the patient that includes blood draws, neuroimaging scans (e.g., PET, MRI, etc.), neuropsychological tests or lumbar puncture procedures.

Will I have testing the same day as my appointment?
No. Typically, neuroimaging, neuropsychological tests and lumbar puncture procedures are scheduled on separate dates. You may have blood drawn the same day.

Why does someone have to accompany me and why can’t I come alone?
Since our patients have memory problems or other cognitive concerns, we require our patients to come to their clinic appointments with a close family member or an individual who can provide reliable information about their medical condition.

How often will I have appointments?
After the first appointment, our clinicians may order additional tests and a follow-up visit (known as a résumé visit) to review test results will be scheduled. After the résumé visit, most patients will be seen about every 6 months for follow-up visits.

Should I bring anything?
If available, please bring any pertinent medical records, neuroimaging scans, and an updated list of current medications.

How long are the appointments?
New patients’ initial visits: about 75 minutes, resume 30 minutes
Résumé visits: about 30 minutes
Follow up visits: about 45 minutes