About James G.  Flood, PhD

Assistant Pathologist
Associate Director of Core Laboratory
Massachusetts General Hospital

Assistant Professor of Pathology
Harvard Medical School

Contact email: jflood@partners.org


Jim is the Director of the Pathology Chemistry Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School. He received his BA from Lehigh University in 1971. Six years later he received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Lehigh. Jim received his clinical chemistry training from Drs. George Bowers and Robert McComb at Hartford Hospital from 1976-79. He moved to Mass General as Assistant Director of the Chemistry Lab in 1980. He has directed that lab since 1984. Jim's interests include analytical toxicology, liquid chromatography, and lab automation. His recent publications involve Suboxone monitoring and the specificity of serum and urine amphetamine and tricyclic antidepressant assays. His current research and development efforts involve the use of tandem mass spectrometry for testing for drugs in oral fluid.

Clinical Interests

Analytical method development in toxicology and therapeutic drug monitoring. Applications of mass spectrometry in the clinical laboratory. Computer and chemometric applications in the clinical laboratory.