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    Aryee Lab: Martin J. Aryee, PhD

    We develop statistical methods to improve our understanding of tumor cell-to-cell variability and its relationship to cancer progression.

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    dias-santagata-researchlab. dias-santagata-researchlab. Dias-Santagata Lab Targeted cancer therapies require the rapid and accurate identification of genetic abnormalities predictive of therapeutic response. Our lab developed the first

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    Dighe Lab

    Anand S. Dighe, MD, PhD

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    Dryja Lab

    Dr. Dryja is a principal investigator researching ophthalmic pathology, hereditary diseases of the eye, and new therapies for eye disease.

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    Frosch Lab

    Matthew P. Frosch, MD, PhD

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    hariri-lab. hariri-lab. Hariri Lab - Lida P. Hariri, MD, PhD My overall research interests include: 1) the development and clinical application of highresolution optical imaging for early detection and diagnosis of pulmonary diseases, including

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    Herrmann-markus. Herrmann-markus. Markus D. Herrmann, MD, PhD Markus D. Herrmann, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School Director of Computational Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital Assistant Computational

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