About Patrick M. Sluss, PhD


Patrick M. Sluss, PhD, is an expert in the area of diagnostic chemistry. He is director of the Special Chemistry subspecialty within the Core Laboratory of the Mass General Hospital Pathology Service. Dr. Sluss is Associate Clinical Chemist, non-clinical at Massachusetts General Hospital and is an Associate Professor of Pathology at Harvard Medical School.


Clinical Research Interests

Dr. Sluss pursues basic investigations of the biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology of the activin-binding protein follistatin. Recent studies have focused upon identifying the specific epitopes directly involved with activin binding and delineating allosteric effects of activin binding in altering domain-specific antigenic epitopes in the holoprotein. In addition, his lab is involved in clinical studies directed toward developing methods and technological approaches for serum measurements of novel ovarian cancer markers using SELDI and other high resolution proteomic procedures. Finally, his lab conducts studies of current and new immunodiagnostic methods to evaluate their analytical performance and clinical utility. These studies encompass immunoassays for endocrine hormones, tumor markers, cardiac markers, and therapeutic drugs.

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